Safety Measures Taken By Pest control Companies During Covid19 Pandemic

The onset of the year 2022 has come up with the new Covid19 variant Omicron. WHO (World Health Organization) has issued guidelines on how to be safe from the deadly virus by following a few simple suggestions. Alcohol-based sanitizers and social distancing are the key safety measures.

Every household is busy adopting strict safety protocols to prevent virus infection. One of such services that will always be in demand even in the Covid19 pandemic is the pest control service.

It is advised to get pest treatment every two months to get rid of those harmful pests and rodents. However, post-pandemic, people have become alert and used the service often for a healthy and safe life.  Click here now to know the safest and reliable pest control service that follows every precaution before they start servicing your property.

Safety Measures Taken To Render Better Service In Covid 19 Pandemic

Pest control companies are ready to implement strict policies to keep their employees and customers safe from Covid19 infection. The ultimate goal for the companies is the safety of their customers and the employees who visit onsite for pest control with tools and machines. Here are a few precautions/safety measures that every company follows to provide a safe and better pest control service:

Mask, Sanitizer, And Disposable Shoe Cover:

The workers who provide indoor service are equipped with a mask, a bottle of sanitizer, and a disposable shoe cover. These are mandatory to keep everyone protected from infection. None of the members can remove their masks. Also, you can use regular liquid soap to wash your hands frequently.

PPE Kits Are Mandatory:

Workers moving to their clients’ houses for pest control have to mandatorily wear the PPE kit to be safe from any viral contact. PPE kits are disposable after use. India has become the leading country that produces a large volume of PPE kits for every service.  It is advised to the members of the family to maintain social distance from each other and the employees to be safe.

Sanitizing Vehicles And Equipment:

There are several types of equipment that the team carries in their vehicle to the customer’s location. Such types of equipment are cleaned and sanitized thrice a day. Moreover, the vehicle in which they travel is sanitized after completing one ride. The company also keeps updating its employees with any new guidelines by the central/state or any new policy introduced by the company.

Reduce Office Attendance And Sanitization:

Companies are trying their best to maintain social distance between the employees. It has reduced the employee strength by allotting them to work from home. The office premises have to undergo complete sanitization thrice a day.

Are you still doubtful about pest control safe services? Do not worry! Safety is the primary concern for the companies. They follow every protocol and policy to stay safe and make their customer safe. During this stressful time, let us protect ourselves and our office premises from any unforeseen health danger.